Emotion States: those affective states which can be experienced and have arousing and motivational properties. (MeSH) Feeling states that enrich (or impoverish) our mental life. (Rose, Episode 4 Eric Kandel) 

When emotions are mild or even moderate, they may be as brief as a few seconds, or they can last a few minutes before another emotion is felt. Intense emotion (can) come in waves, again and again. (Ekman2, 84) Keeping our distressing emotions in check is the key to emotional well-being; extremes — emotions that wax too intensely or for too long— undermine our stability. (Goleman, 56)

Frustration: a negative emotional state that occurs when one is prevented from reaching a goal. (Coon, 505) The motivation … state resulting from being blocked, thwarted, disappointed or defeated. (MeSH)

Liking: a feeling of affection and respect typical of friendship (McCornack, 322)

Loneliness: feelings of social isolation and lack of companionship (McCornack, 272) The state of feeling sad or dejected as a result of lack of companionship or being separated from others. (MeSH) Unpleasant emotional state that (can) increase levels of stress hormones and adversely affect immune system function. (Hockenbury, 493)

Love (Loving): an intense emotional commitment based on intimacy, caring, and attachment. (McCornack, 322) Desiring affection from another person. (Coon, 421) Acceptance, friendliness, "trust," kindness, affinity, devotion, adoration, infatuation. (Goleman2, 289) When people fall in love, there’s a period of up to three years during which the zeal and infatuation ride at a peak. And then it begins to decline. (Eagleman, 98) The main areas activated during romantic love include the medial “insula”, the “ACC”, the “caudate nucleus”, and the “putamen.” All on both sides of the brain. These areas all light up during intense happiness. The main areas deactivated during romantic love include portions of the “cingulate gyrus” and the “amygdala.” (Goleman, 370)

Companionate Love: a warm, trusting, tolerant affection for another whose life is deeply intertwined with one’s own. Characterized by intimacy and commitment and likely to develop over time. (Bamford, 11/30/10) An intense form of liking defined by emotional investment and interdependent lives. (McCornack, 325) 

Passionate Love: a state of intense emotional and physical longing for union with another. (McCornack, 322) A complete absorption in another that includes tender sexual feelings and the agony and ecstasy of intense emotion. Characterized by strong emotions, especially “passion.” Often characteristic of the early phases of a relationship. (Bamford, 11/30/10)