Training Implementation: deploying the training. (Prometheus, Products-ADDIE Model)

Final step where the “training product” is sent out and (activated) in the real world. Point where the solution is put out into the workplace or environment. (Marshall, 9/22/2011) (Includes web based training, however) training designers are still struggling with issues of user interface design and programming for high levels of interaction. (Web-Based Training, Primer) Also referred to as ‘instructional delivery.’

Blended Learning: mix of e-learning and class-based learning. (University Affairs, Leo Charbonneau Margin Notes News Blog, 12Sep11)

Instructor-Led Courses and Workshops: relatively inexpensive to develop and revise, but expensive to deliver. They can be adapted to learners' needs 'on the fly' and may be designed to be highly interactive, at least on the whole group level. (Marshall, 11/17/2011)

Print Media: printed texts and workbooks. Relatively inexpensive to develop and deliver, and may eliminate the need for an instructor or technological delivery systems such as computers. You don't usually need to train learners to use print materials, and they can control where, when, and how fast they want to learn. Print materials are relatively easy to revise. Provides both text and (non-animated) graphics, and can provide limited feedback by giving learners the correct answers. Less interactive than some other media, and rely more on learners to participate in diagnosing errors and seeking remediation. (Marshall, 11/17/2011)

Web Based Training: an innovative approach to distance learning in which “computer-based training” is transformed by the technologies and methodologies (on) the internet, and intranets. Presents live content in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction in any topic. Media-rich training fully capable of evaluation, adaptation, and remediation, all independent of computer platform. An ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals anywhere in the world at any time. The current focus of WBT development is on learning how to use the available tools and organize content into well-crafted teaching systems. (Web-Based Training, Primer) Also referred to as ‘internet based training.’